Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SWM creates oil sands ETF

Sustainable Wealth Management, an investment company, has introduced an oil sands exchange traded fund (ETF). They appear from their website to be Canadian. The fund will hold about 18 securities and charge 50 basis points a year as management fees.

There certainly aren't 18 pure play oil sands companies, so they appear to be including all companies with significant oil sands production or ambitions. They don't show their weighting, but I would hope big proven companies like Cenovus and Suncor carry a lot more weight than little ones without significant production and misleadingly pirate-like names, like BlackPearl and Ivanhoe.

NB: This Sustainable Wealth Management is not to be confused with this Sustainable Wealth Management, which at a guess wouldn't consider oil sands companies in their "granola-munching" portfolio. Damn snooty Oregonians!

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