Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ric McIver says oil companies should pay to twin Highway 63

Ric McIver, former mayoral candidate and alderman and current MLA and Minster of Transport, says he would welcome oil sands companies chipping in to twin Highway 63 from Edmonton to Fort McMurray, sometimes referred to as the highway of death. I think it's good of McIver to remind everyone why it was such a terrific idea not to elect him as mayor.

Call me old fashioned, but in my opinion roads are for governments to make and look after, not private companies. This isn't neo-Tokyo in some cyberpunk fiction where corporations have replaced government in providing basic public functions. Is the province so strapped for cash that they can't afford a proper road for one of the fastest growing and most economically important areas of not just Alberta but all of Canada? Does McIver think the oil sands companies should pitch in with other government jobs as well, like police work, water sanitation, education and health care?

No. Part of the province's job is to provide infrastructure to support the economy, infrastructure that citizens (and oil sands companies) pay for through their taxes. The lack of a four lane highway to Fort McMurray is a black mark on the reputation of the Albertan government. For this guy to imply that it's not all the government's fault grinds my gears - the inadequacy of Highway 63 is entirely the government's fault! Stop whining and build the damn road!

At first I liked this guy, mostly because his name sounds like MacGyver. But while the road the real MacGyver jury-rigged up might have been more dangerous than the existing one, it would have at least been done by MacGyver himself, not delegated to others. Ric McIver is no MacGyver.

Sorry I closed my rant tag before I was really done.


  1. Rig Pig for Life!!!!June 14, 2012 5:50 pm

    He sounds more like a MacGruber to me. I say we upper decker his toilet! That'll teach him to speak out against the companies lining his pocket. I bet he starts promoting the nationalization of Suncor during the next election. We need to get down to Tory central and start chanting "Less schools more pavement!" stat!

    1. I'm behind any plan that starts with an upper decker.